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Biogenic Pet Vitality SMALL and LARGE tablets: Vitality with power of nature

Dietary supplement tablets for dogs


What is Biogenic Pet Vitality tablet?

Biogenic Pet Vitality tablet contains three active ingredients: Humanofort® (dried egg product), Selenium and Vitamin-E.

Humanofort contains pharmaceutical grade extract of growth factors from natural source. These growth factors are low molecular weight proteins (oligopeptides) isolated from eggs. Humanofort has clinically proven proliferative activity for different cell types involved in tissue regeneration in the body.

Among others Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) enhances cell division which leads to higher ovulation rate, safer fertilization. Males produce more concentrated semen showing higher motility rate. The more pronounced oestrus symptoms help to find the optimal mating time.

With higher IGF blood concentration in young animals to increase of sceletal muscle volume was observed. This can help some species to better work and sport performance.

IGF supply before and after birthing can enhance milk production. A stronger litter can be raised even after caesarean section or other problems during parturition.

Humanofort has been widely used as a human food supplement as well.

Selenium and Vitamin-E has common effect. Selenium is a cofactor of glutation-peroxidase enzyme which – in cooperation with Vitamin E and with other antioxidants – is able to decrease impairing effect of free radicals in the body. Experience shows that administration of Selenium and Vitamin E is beneficial in degeneration of heart and skeletal muscle and in reproductive disorders as well.

What are Biogenic Pet Vitality tablets used for?

  • Supplementary feeding of old animals and/or of animals suffering in painful chronic joint disease.
  • Supporting regeneration of dermal injuries in animals of any age.
  • Alopecia and hair growth disorders.
  • Elimination of unfavourable physiological effects of stress caused by internal (cellular) and environmental level. (I.e. dog-shows, travelling.)
  • Protection of gastrointestinal tract during medication with steroid and non-steroid drugs.

What are the benefits of Biogenic Pet Vitality?

In a placebo controlled study carried out on dogs suffering from chronic joint paints Biogenic Pet Vitality significantly improved willingness to exercise. Biogenic Pet Vitality improves regeneration of articular cartilage and connected tissues, which results in decreasing of pain.

BiogenicPet Vitality induced stronger hair growth compared to the control group.

BiogenicPet Vitality has positive effect on peptic ulceration.

How should you administer Biogenic Pet Vitality tablets?

Administer Biogenic Pet Vitality via oral route twice daily every day.

For smaller dogs (under 25 kg bodyweight) give 2x1 tablet of Biogenic Pet Vitality SMALL.

For larger dogs (over 25 kg bodyweight) give 2x1 tablet of Biogenic Pet Vitality LARGE.

Use BiogenicPet Vitality for at least one month. In case of permanent disorders you may continue BiogenicPet Vitality feeding for longer period.

What kinds of presentations are available from Biogenic Pet Vitality tablets?

Biogenic Pet Vitality SMALL: 60 tablets

1 tablet (1000 mg) contains:


brewer’s yeast, maltodextrin

Humanofort 25 mg


Selenium (3b8.10)       6 µg

Vitamin E (3a700)       4,5 mg

Analytical constituents

Protein 25,3%, crude fiber 0,5%, fat content 0,2%, inorganic matter 0,5%

Biogenic Pet Vitality LARGE: 60 tablets

1 tablet (1300 mg) contains:


brewer’s yeast, maltodextrin

Humanofort 50 mg


Selenium (3b8.10)       8 µg

Vitamin E (3a700)       9 mg

Analytical constituents

Protein 25,5%, crude fiber 0,5%, fat content 0,2%, inorganic matter 0,5%

Other information about Biogenic Pet Vitality tablet

It can be used in dogs of any age. Store under 25°C in a dark place. Shelf life: 36 months.