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Dietary feed supplement tablets for dogs

60 tablets
900 mg/tablet

What is Biogenic Pet Mobility tablet?

BiogenicPet Mobility tablet contains every important element necessary for building and regeneration of cartilage tissue in optimal combination.

For cartilage function it is essential to renew the macromolecules which build up its structure. D-glucosamine and chondroitin supplementation is inevitable, because they are elements of proteoglicane chains, which provide flexibility of hyaline cartilage.

Salto3TM is the most important ingredient of BiogenicPet Mobility. It is a patented mixture of D-glucosamine, chondroitin and hydrolised whey powder. Salto3TM has the following advantages:

  • Protection of chondrocytes
  • Protection of cartilage structure elements, supporting reparation of normal function
  • Palliation negative consequences of inflammation, resulting in decrease of joint pains

Salto3TM is significantly more effective than standard chondroitine + glucosamine containing products, because it is more readily absorbed from the intestine.

Hyaluronic acid is a macromolecule with extremely high water binding capacity. It is the lubricant of the cartilage surface, indispensable for prevention of cartilage abrasion, improvement of movement, decreases joint pain.

MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methan): Natural source of sulphur, it has important role in collagen synthesis, regeneration of connective tissue regeneration, and regression of pain.

Micro- and macronutrients
Manganese, cupper, iron, zinc, calcium:
They are cofactors of different enzymes that help incorporation of glucosamine and chondroitin, stabilization of cellular membrane, maintain cartilage integrity during inflammation process.

Composition / tablet:

Salto-3®:                                           300 mg
(which contains glucosamine-hydrochloride: 120 mg; chondroitin-sulfate: 45 mg; and whey-powder: 75 mg)
Methyl-sulphonyl-methan (MSM) 100 mg
Hyaluronic-acid                              50 mg
Calcium-hydrogen-phoshate         50 mg
Manganese                                     5 mg
Cupper                                             5 mg
Iron                                                    5 mg
Zinc                                                   5 mg
Ham aroma, excipients ad            900 mg

What are BiogenicPet Mobility tablets used for?

The tablets are used in painful joint disorders like injuries, inflammation, abrasions, for decreasing pain and swelling; for rehabilitation, improvement and restoration of movement ability.


What are the benefits of Biogenic Pet Mobility supplementation?

Joint swelling decreases, healing time will be shorter, pain lessens, movement improves. In cases of abrasion the quantity and viscosity of synovial fluid increases, cartilage flexibility will be better. In this cases it is possible to decrease dose of pain killer drugs, by chance to zero.

Cartilage metabolism is slow, components of BiogenicPet Mobility requires time to reach site of action. Administration must last for at least 4 weeks to see improvement in joint functions.

Administration must last for at least 4 weeks, because the positive effect is built up step by step.

For small dogs (under 15 kg) 1 tablet/day,
For middle-size dogs (15-40 kg) 2 tablets/day
For big dogs (above 40 kg) 3 tablets/day

Dogs like to take the tablet due to its ham taste. Give it directly into the mouth of the dog or mixed in the feed.

Keep it in a dry and cool place. Keep the reach off the children.

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