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mineral dog

BiogenicPet Mineral drops contain 8 trace elements and minerals in the ideal concentration ratio required by the body of the dogs. This ratio is inevitable for good absorption rate of each ingredient from the intestine. Minerals play crucial role in bone development, normal muscle function and neurotransmission. Trace elements are necessary for control of a wide range of physiological processes int he body: they are cofactors or constituents of enzymes, vitamins and hormones. Lack of trace elements leads to weakening of immune system, decreasing of regeneration capacity and changing a range of normal functions of the organism.

Nutritional additives:

1 ml contains:
Molibdenum (E7)      0,067 mg
Cooper (E4)    0,27 mg
Iron (E1) 2,00 mg
Iodine (3b201)    0,167 mg
Manganese (E5)  0,67 mg
Magnesium  16,7 mg
Selenium (E8) 0,017 mg
Zinc (E6)   1,67 mg

Recommended use:

-in case of metabolic disorders, anorexia and weakness: for improving hardiness
-to improve resistance of the organism
-improving general condition in case of cancer
-in infectious diseases for faster recovery, to support immune system
-supplemanation before surgery and during reconvalescence
-replacement of trace elements
-improvement of hair quality in alopecia and pale/gray hair
-protection of skin and mucous membrane, regeneration of skin, moulting
-preparation for dog-shows
-pregancy, lactation



Route of administration:

Mix into the drinking water or add to food of the animal. Occasionally it can be dropped directly into the mouth.


1 drop/kg bodyweight per day, mixed into a quantity of water or food which is surely taken by the animal.

For prevention and roborating BiogenicPet Mineral should be used permanently for 2 months. It is recommended to repeat treatment after 1 month drug pause. In complementary therapy (e.g. in infectious diseases and malignances) it should be used according to the veterinarian’s instruction.

Store in room temperature (15-25 Celsius) protected from light. Keep off reach of children!

Shelf life:

4 years from productions, date show non the package.


Do not administer BiogenicPet Mineraln in milk!


Brown glass bottles containing 30 ml solutions including plastic dropper in outer packaging.