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Natural humic acids play an important role as supplementation of the (alternative) veterinary medicine. They have such physiological effects which are prominently important in strengthening the immune system of the organism, detoxication and uptake of minerals. Due to their natural origin it is important to be part of healthy feed of our animals.

The product is proposed first of all for prevention, but it is strongly recommended in digestive disorders (feed swith, antibiotic treatment, diseases, medical treatment, stress situations).


BiogenicPet Balance is proposed to mix into or poured to the feed of the animal with the included measuring spoon (4,5 g).

For dog (20 kg):

  • For prevention 2 spoonful daily.
  • In digestive disorders: 4 spoonful daily.

For cats:

  • For prevention 1 spoonful daily.
  • In digestive disorders: 2 spoonful daily.