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hazapraxisBiogenicPet is a feed supplement for dogs containing growth factors from natural source, plus Selenium and Vitamin-E. These growth factors are low molecular weight intercellular signalling substances (mainly oligopeptides) which influence cellular multiplication, differentiation, survival, and metabolism. Insulin-like growth factors in BiogenicPet are responsible for growth of liver, kidney, brain and for hormonal balance - BiogenicPet alleviates a range of frequent canine diseases by this way. 

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A 10 year old dog, which lives in indoor, and has some overweight. He has been taking BiogenicPET for 3 months, and has changed a lot in his mood, appetite and movement. His hair became nicer as well, because you have to know, that he has been taking immune stimulant since his birth. He has lost his hair from his back recently, but now he looks quite good.

Jozsef P.
Balatonkenese, Hungary