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hazapraxisBiogenicPet is a feed supplement for dogs containing growth factors from natural source, plus Selenium and Vitamin-E. These growth factors are low molecular weight intercellular signalling substances (mainly oligopeptides) which influence cellular multiplication, differentiation, survival, and metabolism. Insulin-like growth factors in BiogenicPet are responsible for growth of liver, kidney, brain and for hormonal balance - BiogenicPet alleviates a range of frequent canine diseases by this way. 

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I have a dog grooming office in Budapest, and I have a giant poodle who has acquired nervous system disorders since its puppy age. It means that he is afraid of people and vomits the food. I have been giving him BiogenicPET for 4 weeks and these problems completely disappeared.

We have a client, an old, big dog, who has taken only Rymadyl® until now. Since we have started giving him BiogenicPET his musculoskeletal symptoms decreased such an extent that he is jumping with joy when his owner gets home.

Budapest, Hungary