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hazapraxisBiogenicPet is a feed supplement for dogs containing growth factors from natural source, plus Selenium and Vitamin-E. These growth factors are low molecular weight intercellular signalling substances (mainly oligopeptides) which influence cellular multiplication, differentiation, survival, and metabolism. Insulin-like growth factors in BiogenicPet are responsible for growth of liver, kidney, brain and for hormonal balance - BiogenicPet alleviates a range of frequent canine diseases by this way. 

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I began to work intensively with dogs 13 years ago. First I had Belgian shepherds - I've been breeding them until now. For 6 years I decided to work with Hungarian breeds as well and I've chosen Mudi.

I visit dog-shows regularly, therefore quality of the hair is very important. Belgian shepherd has longer hair than Mudi, however Mudi has curly hair, which also needs a certain minimal length as well to fuzz out nicely. Eukanuba company offered me BiogenicPET food supplement.

It was a good idea, because Europa Exhibition was organised this weekend, and I have entered my Mudi bitch, but I worried about the quality of her hair because she was still suckling puppies in the middle of summer. I got this food supplement at beginning of September, then I gave it continuously till the exhibition, and everybody who show the dog - Mudi breeders and others as well - were totally impressed about the quality of my bitch's hair. The food supplement proved to be very effective for the exhibition, namely the dog was winner in the Champion class, and got reserve CACIB recognition in breed category.

Thank you very much that you have foreshowed BiogenicPET tablet for me, and I'm sure that I shall offer it at every similar case when someone asks me for advice.