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hazapraxisBiogenicPet is a feed supplement for dogs containing growth factors from natural source, plus Selenium and Vitamin-E. These growth factors are low molecular weight intercellular signalling substances (mainly oligopeptides) which influence cellular multiplication, differentiation, survival, and metabolism. Insulin-like growth factors in BiogenicPet are responsible for growth of liver, kidney, brain and for hormonal balance - BiogenicPet alleviates a range of frequent canine diseases by this way. 

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A 10 year old dog, which lives in indoor, and has some overweight. He has been taking BiogenicPET for 3 months, and has changed a lot in his mood, appetite and movement. His hair became nicer as well, because you have to know, that he has been taking immune stimulant since his birth. He has lost his hair from his back recently, but now he looks quite good.

I have a dog grooming office in Budapest, and I have a giant poodle who has acquired nervous system disorders since its puppy age. It means that he is afraid of people and vomits the food. I have been giving him BiogenicPET for 4 weeks and these problems completely disappeared. We have a client, an old, big dog, who has taken only Rymadyl® until now.

Jonny has taken plenty of medicine for his joint problems. He has tried a variety of drugs. However from BiogenicPET his movement improved, his pains disappeared. BiogenicPET is a very good product.

I have realised in May and June at warm weather that the dog is in bad mood, and the strangest was, that he didn’t lose his hair till middle of July as in every other year. At that time I heard about BiogenicPET, I ordered it and I saw changes on the dog after one week of treatment. His hair began to fall, he moulted. His appetite increased very much, he was waiting..

Max, my 9 and half years old Labrador was born with hip dislocation. He has taken a lot of Glucosamin® and Rimadyl® painkiller drugs. His state became worse and he began to bear yourself like an old, fragile dog. He limped at walking, and he didn't have as much energy as earlier. We were already thinking about euthanasy, when Dr. Ava V. Ackerman..

Hair of Zizi has fallen heavily - after falling and milking it became patchy and unhealthy. Since she has been taking BiogenicPET tablet these problems decreased, her hair is much more shiny, silky to the touch, looks healthy.

Ugi is a one and a half year old Yorki Poo. I brought him from the USA, he is a crossbreed of Yorkie and Dwarff poodle. He has a hormonal disorder since his birth, called diabetes insipidus - he drinks and urinates very much. My neighbour offered BiogenicPET, he asked me, why don't I try it? I began treatment, and it seems that the disease is under..

When my Yorkshire terrier dog, Bella was 8 months old, a rare disease: luxating patella was diagnosed on her. This condition means that patella is not at its right place and the dog feels pain at walking. The veterinarian proposed surgery to solve the problem before it would turn worse. However I didn't get any guarantee, that surgery would be successful.

A lot of thanks to you for developing a product that really works. Thank you on behalf of my family as well, because the life of our dog became much easier. I had a lot of success by using BiogenicPET. My vet attracted my attention to the product BiogenicPET. He performed a study with very good results. I tried BiogenicPET against spreading hip dysplasia. I have been

My Great Dane had problem with his right back leg, but he had had previously complaints with joints of his other legs as well. Arnold is 11 months old now, and he has already taken a lot of vitamin (GF600, Calcium) but he has had painful periods. I've been giving BiogenicPET for the dog for 3 days, and at the same time I finished all of the vitamins and the

I began to work intensively with dogs 13 years ago. First I had Belgian shepherds - I've been breeding them until now. For 6 years I decided to work with Hungarian breeds as well and I've chosen Mudi. I visit dog-shows regularly, therefore quality of the hair is very important. Belgian shepherd has longer hair than Mudi, however Mudi has curly hair..

old spaniel

Aliz is going to be 12 years old. We got her as a puppy, and we didn't have any problem with her during growth period. In this Easter she had metritis and her uterus had to be removed by a serious operation. Postoperative recovery has taken very long time, because she was already 11 years old, and she had some overweight as well. At beginning..


I'm breeding Bull Mastiffs. I heard about BiogenicPET from one of my friend who is a breeder too. I've been working with these dogs for 4 years. My bitch became pregnant last October, but foetuses were resorbed. Then I began treating her with BiogenicPET. Now she has five beautiful and healthy puppies. Her estrus cycle repeats precisely. It was very


Klemi is a 14 years old Spaniel. We met BiogenicPET at the university, it was offered practically by the receptionist. We used Béres drops® earlier which had beneficial effect, but not so strong than BiogenicPET's. Since beginning of the therapy the dog has much more energy, eats well, is happy, and doesn't look like a 14 years old dog. Before the treatment..